How to Play NetEnt Guns and Roses and Win Real Money

Are a music enthusiast with a deep knowledge of rock music? In case you are a die hard fan of rock music, you are most likely a fan of Guns and Roses. NetEnt recreated the illusion of the rock band to fit their slot games for players. Guns and Roses is an epic and fun filled slot games available at netent-casino . The slot was established in 2016 and has grown to fill the void of musical enthusiasts in the gambling world.

What is the Experience with the Slot?

Guns and Roses is a fun filled and epic slot that brings together the heart and soul of rock music in front of your screen. Musical die hard fans can enjoy the spectacular guitar riffs and stand a chance to win a series of real cash prizes and rewards. NetEnt produced the slot game in collaboration with Bravado International Group available at . The game recreates the 80's musical journey by the rock band. It features legendary hits from the legendary rock band.

Players are legible for the bonus features with the Guns and Roses slot that is depicted with three scatters of the vinyl record that takes players through an epic journey through the various bonus features available with the game. The bonus wheel spins and stops after hitting the stop sign with the stylus. This points to either the bonus features or the instant cash prizes. With the bonus game, it can either be won through the encore free spins or the sought after crowd pleaser by most of the casino players.

  • Features a high RTP rates
  • Shows low variance

How Does One Win the Crowd Pleaser Bonus?

Players stand a chance to claim the crowd pleaser bonus once the stylus points to the bonus game when spinning the bonus wheel. From here, the player can select a series of musical instruments in performing their solo acts. They can also end up unveiling the various random coin prizes, an extra spin, or the free spin symbol. In case the player collects up to 60 coins, it guarantees their entry to the next level of the game. Players can proceed with collecting the coins and warming the crowd.

How About the Free Encore Spins?

When manages to select the free encore spins when the stylus points to the bonus feature. It means that the player qualifies to try 10 free spins with the slot game. Alternatively, the player is entitled to collect three free spin symbols when playing the crowd pleaser bonus. The player can either select the Axl, Splash or Duff as part of the overlay stacked wild symbols for the reels available ranging from 2,3, or 4. The wild symbol available when the band member matches the corresponding picture of the band member.

What is the Gameplay Like?

Guns and Roses Uses a simplistic and easy user interface for understanding the controls which are intuitive for use even if you are a first timer. Guns and Roses is designed to allow players to play for real money while having fun along the way. The available demo game allws for players to sample some of the various game feature. It helps players get a better chance of understanding the game before proceeding to real money cash prizes. The game is also available on mobile version for players on the go.