Suggestions anyone???

Good Evening,
As many of you might be heading to bed early after a crushing Packer loss I wanted to take a few minutes to ask for a few suggestions. It was our pleasure to lead worship this morning. Each Sunday our time to lift our voices in coorporate worship is a highlight for me. Coming back to Wisconsin after being gone for many years, I know the music I have learned is often different from what many of you may know. So I would like to hear your ideas of songs you would like Joyful Noise to learn along our journey together. I tend to blend the contemporary with the traditional so don’t think you need to only suggest the latest songs, I love the songs that have been in the Church longer than I have. hehe I look forward to hearing from you and we will do our best to get your suggestions placed right in.
In spite of the Packer loss have a wonderful week, keeping in mind the point from Pastor Jeff’s sermon this morning which was to serve rather than looking to be served. Blessings, Grace


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