Website Back Online

Well, it has been about a week now since our website has been back online. Thank you so much for your patience as we worked to get the site back to full functionality! We now have software in place that will help to protect our website from those that wish to it harm. With that being said, we were able to complete a few upgrades to the site…which I think you’ll like. Here are a couple things:

  • Podcasts: If you go to our podcasts page, you will see a listing of podcasts that are available to listen to (see example).  That part isn’t really different at all.  However, if you click on any one of the podcasts for more details, that next screen does look different.  You’ll now see a graphical interface where you can see all the details from that particular podcast.
  • Feedback: If you’d like to submit general feedback to Ascension, you can use the “Feedback” button located on the left side navigation bar of our website.  Your feedback will be sent directly to Pastor Blain, and he will route it to the appropriate person(s) if need be.

These are just a couple areas that have been updated since the site has come back online.  If you have questions about any of the above, please feel free to post a comment below this blog entry or even post a message to our Facebook wall (  We would be happy to answer/address any of your questions!


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