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23 | 11 | 2014
Youth and Family

youthfamilyHere's the basics about Ascension's Youth Ministry

Ascension Youth [uh-sen-shuhn yooth] -- noun

  1. Students at Ascension in grades 7-12 (and their friends) who are involved in any or all of the excellent things listed on this website. They are the group of students at Ascension considered "Youth" because of their age and attendance in either Middle or High School.
  2. A fabulous group of young people who love and serve Jesus.
  • Sundays   ( 2 Articles )
    What's Happening on Sundays at Ascension?
  • Wednesdays   ( 2 Articles )
    What's Happening on Wednesdays at Ascension?
  • Other Youth Opportunities   ( 5 Articles )
    Other Things Ascension Youth Do...
  • Youth Events   ( 1 Article )
    Information sheets with details about upcoming Youth Events are made available for youth and parents in advance for each event or trip offered. Included on these information sheets are a registration form and a parental permission slip that is required for participation in each individual Youth Event.
  • Ascension Labor Day Getaway   ( 12 Articles )
    • Labor Day Weekend
    • September 3 - 6, 2010
    • Silver Birch Ranch
    • White Lake, WI

    Download the Labor Day Getaway Registration form.

    If you have any questions about the Labor Day Getaway, please contact Julie Boelter.

  • Sunday School   ( 2 Articles )

    Our goal at Ascension is that ALL children, youth and adults participate in Worship AND Christian Education on Sunday mornings.